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My Coaching Vision is simply  -  "My goal  =  your wants, your needs, your vision, your success = my success"

A sample of my client coaching testimonials


James Bryant - Transition and Career Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - I would like to put on record my sincere thanks to John for his support and his unflagging patience in helping me through a difficult period of my life – requiring decisions about critical changes that had been more or less forced upon me. He listened to my concerns and challenges about going into early retirement after 40 plus years in an active and rewarding career in corporate communications.

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Ivan Reffell - Transition Coaching Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - I had a nagging feeling I would never reach my potential. With John's help I'm on the up and with more help I'm sure the journey is going to be fun, rewarding and everything I thought I could be. John makes a difference. A Big Difference.

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Mark Keatley-Palmer – Motivational Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - John is one of those people in who's company you can not help but smile & be happy! He is a living testament to the power of a positive outlook.

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Maggie Kent – Relationship and Personal Transition Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - “In the 8 months that I have been coached by John my life has transformed in most magical way.

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Claire Smith - Business and Life  Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - From the minute I met John I felt a connection. He immediately made a difference to my life both in business and personally & continues to do so every time I speak to him. He knows just what to say & can sense when I am 'not quite right'. Genuine,kind & a good man,I am so very glad to have met him.

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Deborah Mulvany – Transition Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - John is a very cuddly, warm and caring person but don't be fooled under all that he has amazing insight and great knack of delivering profound change easily.

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Richard Jenkins - Business Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - John, I can't thank you enough for all your advice and guidance in developing my business and all my various ideas! It's so helpful to have someone to keep me focused and help me realise what I actually have to offer.

If you feel you need help moving forwards - this is the man to talk to. :)

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Sian Marie Stephens - Transition Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - John has been brilliant, he is able to coach people through the hardest times and make them the best they can be. Thank you John for all your help.

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Lee Burke - Motivational Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - Always a pleasure to be in the same room with.
Fantastic positive attitude. John always has the right words for every occasion and emotion.
John really does help with life’s journey.
Thanks Mate.

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Christine Collen – Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - John is a real joy to meet and he lightens up any 4N meeting with his sense of humour and fun. He is caring and attentive. When you talk to John, you feel that he cares about you and has a genuine interest in what you are doing and saying. John is definitely one of the main 4N benefits.

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