my coaching strengths


What I am to my clients:

  1. Someone - who is intent on understanding whatever you want to share with me about you and will then work to inspire you to be who you want to be.
  2. Someone - who will only focus on the best you can be, not what you can’t be even when you can’t see it yourself.
  3. Someone - who believes in your aspirations, will gently keep you on track in working towards them.
  4. Someone - with total commitment to help you work with interpret your values and beliefs system.
  5. Someone – who will ask focused questions, interpreting questions, powerful questions and sometimes challenging questions to learn and understand more about you.
  6. Someone - who attentively listens to you throughout and allows you to experience any emotion without any judgement,
  7. Someone – who will intuitively help you explore charted and uncharted areas of your life.
  8. Someone – who enjoys helping you dissolve any self limiting beliefs and personal sabotage habits you may have been experiencing.
  9. Someone – who will always offer you fresh perspective, be honest and confidential with you throughout your coaching journey.
  10. Someone – who will hold you accountable to the coaching journey you create for you.


I am someone who cares and will deliver the success that you want for you

“I’d rather be a failure at something I enjoy than a success at something I hate”     George Burns


More questions please just call me on 07734 102648 or contact me

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"He that is afraid to shake the dice will never throw a six." - Chinese Proverb


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