Sonia Mar – Career and Relationship Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - “I was in the process of wanting to change my career from an assistant producer in broadcast television. I knew what I was interested in, it was just deciding on which one to do. The most important thing was my career had to fit in with the lifestyle that I wanted and that included having the option to live abroad and having a business that would enable me to travel.

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Steve Jones – Business Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching Testimonial - “I had the pleasure of being coached by John through a crossroads time in my business future.

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Yelana Stanley – Career Coaching and personal transition coaching

Coaching Testimonial - “My sessions with John were extremely positive and energising. When we started I was faced with several potential career paths and John’s enthusiastic guidance helped me focus on the most relevant and achievable goals. I was able to move steadily forward with clarity and confidence and am now in a more rewarding job and about to start an Open University degree.

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Michelle Keene – Relationship and Family Transitional Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - My coaching sessions with John over several months have provided me with a lifeline during a very transient and emotional time of my life.

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Mike MacDonald - Career and Confidence Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - "John is a great coach.  He has a relaxed, interested and calming style which enabled me to focus on, prioritise and figure out what I wanted to achieve in my next career step.

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Sue StandingBusiness and Motivation Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - “John’s coaching and mentoring skills resulted in my challenging assumptions I knew had but could not deal with — assumptions about what my success was supposed to look like, and what I needed but seemed unable to do to achieve that success.

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Brian Worthington – Transitional Life and Relationship Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - "One of the best investments I have ever given to myself is to work with a professional coach. John is a great coach and has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support through a difficult relationship period you really do feel his honest care and warmth.

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Colin Allinson - Motivational Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - To say that John is a fantastic mentor would be a huge understatement. Johns' energy and enthusiasm is almost tangible and it is certainly infectious. To just spend some time with John is like getting a shot in the arm of motivation, self-belief and genuine enthusiasm to succeed.

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