Life coaching & business coaching and you

  • What is coaching for you?

Professional Life coaching and or Business Coaching creates a powerful professional alliance created between you and your life coach or business coach which focuses on you evolving who you want to be through a professional coaching journey. It is the empathetic art of supporting, encouraging and motivating you to uncover the reality you want. Life coaching or business coaching will produce extraordinary results in your personal life, work life and business world.

  • How does life coaching & business coaching work for you?

Naturally you are looking at things from the ground level, going round and round seeing things in the same old way but never quite getting the perspective you need to really move forward. Maybe you need to look down rather than up to get the right change perspective.

Professional personal life coaching or business coaching is like a glider journey. The right life coach or business coach will invite on board, strap you in to your glider and take you up so you can look down on your life or business situation and offer you an alternative view and perspective of where you are right now and support you in planning a new future.

Types of coaching:

  1. Telephone coaching -† you can live anywhere in the world and benefit from my life coaching or business coaching.
  2. Face to face coaching -† I am a UK based life coach and business coach and primarily work in London and Southern England area

  • Who works with a life coach and business coach?

People of all ages and all walks of life and backgrounds enjoy the tangible benefits and revealing experience of confidential personal life coaching or business coaching. When someone feels they are ready to be open and honest with themselves and commit to real honest life changes Ė then they are ready to start a life coaching or business coaching journey.

  • What can a life coach help you with

  • Rebuilding your confidence and self esteem
  • Lifestyle and work life balance
  • Motivation improvement
  • Career and workplace evaluation
  • Business challenges
  • Health and well being progression
  • Personal growth and development
  • Relationships - family, friends, workplace and love

NOW would be a good time to clarify what coaching is NOT

  • Itís not counselling - counselling focuses on and deals with past based life challenges
  • Itís not psychotherapy -† psychotherapy targets cures for specific psychological and behavioural challenges
  • Itís not therapy - therapy is prescriptive and generally focuses on one area to find a solution or cure

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"True change doesnt come to you,the need has to be inside you." - Annon

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