Susi Ibelati Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - John is the perfect example of a member offering support to others within the 4N group. His speed coaching during a 1-2-1 (a brilliant concept John) not only provides a listening ear, but sound and heart-warming advice.

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Kelly Whiting - Motivational Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - It has been a great pleasure meeting and getting to know John. John has given me advice and support and I feel he really cares in what he is saying and offering. Thank you John for all the great assistance and speed coaching you have given me.

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Francies Moore - Life Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - John is a warm and caring person. He is insightful and easy to talk to. A chat with him will make you feel great and alert you to your full potential. Highly recommended.

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Katrina Goddard - Motivational Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - John is a warm. welcoming and the most supportive person, who came in to my life just at the right time almost as if he knew he was needed and since then has only ever provided me with positive energy and thoughts to develop my own future. Thank you John, youíre brilliant.

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Suk Dhillon - Motivational Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - John is an inspirational person whos insightfullness is yet to be surpassed in my eyes. He has an excellent ability to read people and his support and help has been invaluable.

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Riana Avis - Transition Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - John has an amazing ability to home in on exactly what matters most and therefore what you need to hear and focus on. I came away feeling deeply cared for, affirmed, positive and much to think about. I highly recommend John.

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Steve Benson - Business Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - What an amazing guy! He does for me what I do for others and that is help. John has the knack of making the difficult seem easy, as he has demonstrated with me. I would thoroughly recommend John to all, no matter what you do, as even therapists need help sometimes. Nice one John. Many thanks.

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Graham Jeffries - Motivational Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - John Burley. Is a truly inspiring professional after a session with John he has the ability to pin points your exact issue or problem with such accuracy itís scary. He explains it to you in a fun way you can understand, clarifies the points for you to change in both your business, and your personal life as well. Allowing you to move forward in a positive way. I would highly recommend him to any one looking to move forward in a dynamic and positive way. John thank you for all you do.

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Andrea Graham - Transition Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - Wow! John Burley ... you are a God send! Instead of having to push through a massive change which has taken place in my life, he has helped me to glide through and peacefully too, helping me understand what's happening inside of me each step of the way and knowing that IT'S OK! Thanks John xx

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Hollie Payne - Motivational Coaching

Coaching Testimonial - Mr John Burly, There are not enough words in this testimonial space to describe how he has supported me along my 4N journey. His enthusiasum and possitive energy compliments my holistic outlook beauifully and is now not only an empowering life coach to me but also quite a 'spiffy' friend.Thanks John

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Michael Lockyer Ė Business and Transitional Coaching

Coaching Testimonial ''John has been a huge help to me in my creating businesses new future and has always been able to help me see the wood for the trees over the past months.

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