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What small business coaching and mentoring can do for you?


My small business coaching and mentoring approach focuses on start up and or small business of up to ten employees and will work effectively with any type of business in any business zone or market sector.  You might be a home based, serviced office based company or running your own premises.

My coaching plan is to be your extra motivation factor. My business coaching will support in business areas you identify and be your neutral buddy in classic challenging areas like shifting unhelpful business habits, personal or operational business road blocks, reacting to business swings, personnel scenarios or forward strategic business planning.


Here are some classic business areas where business coaching and mentoring can support you.

  • Encouraging Creative/lateral thinking
  • Focus on priority setting and decision-making
  • Review change through motivation
  • Interpersonal and communication skills (in company and outside)
  • Time & Self management
  • Work / Life Balance issues
  • Identifying gaps and obstacles to efficiency
  • How can you increase sales productivity and improve market share


How business motivation makes a difference


Motivational MapsI am a trained and licensed provider and support coach

How important is Motivation to your business? What words springs to mind? Maybe they are crucial, imperative or essential? I believe the quality of anyone’s personal life and or workplace is directly linked to how motivated they are. Motivation equals performance and naturally impacts on everyone’s contribution you’re own, your staff and your teams ability to deliver success. We all know there can be many symptoms of poor motivation for everyone emanating from any aspects of their life overall.

Alongside required skills sets motivation is a pivotal business asset to be nurtured.

Ask me about the Motivational Maps motivation formula and operating metric process that delivers to you an amazingly accurate motivation document about where you and your business motivation is right now.


What is business coaching and or mentoring? The simple coaching definition

Business coaching methods are non directive mentoring is directive in an advisory capacity

Business coaching and mentoring working alongside each other are a good and complementary combination to create a good result


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